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Thierry Deutsch Portrait

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Having been introduced to photography at a very early age by his father, Thierry started taking his own photos at the age of 12 with an analog Nikkormat EL. His natural interests led him to mainly photograph aircraft and landscapes, photos of which he collected in thick albums. After a couple of years, and many many shots later, he had to take a photography break as the hobby was getting too expensive for a teenager with no personal income. On top of it Thierry started getting serious with his other great passion, aviation.


While following his dream to become a pilot, he felt the desire to capture the world of aviation he was witnessing first hand now. That is when he grabbed his (still analog) Nikon F70 and resumed where he left off a couple years earlier. He focused on photographing aircraft and airports often from angles that were thitherto unreachable. It is when going digital in 2003 that Thierry was finally able to take the photos he wanted. Joining the large aviation community at, first as a photo contributor and later as a crew member, was another important step in improving his photographic skills and building up a large portfolio of aviation photos. More than 6,000 of his aviation photos can be seen at On Thierry's own site here, he shows aviation the way he wants it without any artistic barriers in the gallery Aviation.

In 2004 then came another major step when Thierry started flying as a First Officer for the largest regional carrier in Austria. With his new job taking him all around Europe and even further, his three passions were connected: aviation, photography and travel. While initially mainly concentrating on purely aviation related motives, he soon started to also capture the world around him from his privileged position in the front seat of an airliner. Capturing the world that was passing by became an even bigger part of his photographic work when he started flying for a major cargo company in 2008. His new job literally took him all around the world and putting the impressive sights that were unfolding around him onto a camera sensor became a challenge in its own right. Whether it is a huge cumulonimbus cloud, a seemingly never ending mountain range, the milky way or a colourful sunset/sunrise, the awareness to be able to capture these unique wonderful moments remains a constant motivator. These phenomena and other natural spectacles as seen through his lens can be seen in the gallery Aerial Photography.


Considering the above one could think that the path is the goal. Not quite so here, as the many great destinations that Thierry is able to visit are worthwhile goals themselves. This could be a snow capped volcano in Mexico, the gorgeous Cornish coast, the highest building in the world in Dubai or a secret garden in Japan. He tries to show the beauty of the places he visits in new ways, whether it be well known landmarks or little secret gems. The results are displayed in the gallery named Travel Photography

One thing that developed over the years was the view onto the places where Thierry grew up and which he calls home. The more he visits the world, the more he is able to appreciate the beauty of the locations that are literally just around the corner. So when he is not travelling the world, Thierry is often on the lookout for photo opportunities in his home country Luxembourg. While the country is a very photogenic one and has been captured many a time already, he wants to show it in his own unique way. To see how he does it, you may visit the gallery simply called Luxembourg.




Thierry Deutsch Portrait

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